Dairy Farm Tour

Dairy Farm Tour


A dairy farm is one of the most unique agritourism opportunity as well as an amazing place for Agriculture tour @ KK Agro Farms, owing to its intriguing combination of flora and fauna. Furthermore, dairy farm visits offer a chance to enjoy an unpolluted environment in close proximity to nature, and to indulge in the richness of fresh milk! There are many reasons why a dairy farm visit is an exciting option for a family excursion.

Dairy farm at KK Agro are not just breathtaking locations for a picnic, they can also provide an educational experience. You can learn how to milk a cow,  a forgotten skill of India that is an essential component of our heritage.

Milking and petting the animals is of particular value for the children, because they can actually experience something that they have read about in their textbooks. Exploring the plants and animals at the farm will help the children to identify them easily, this is a kind of learning that no classroom can provide.

The young generation is completely unaware of the rural ways of living. At a KK Agrofarm,  the activities start at sunrise and Eco-friendly techniques are used for the extraction and treatment of milk. This allows the young ones to catch a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle, devoid of fancy machinery and equipment. Spending a day out in the open, with the fresh breeze purifying the lungs and the soft soil soothing the feet, is a great way to reconnect with nature and to rekindle the respect that our ancestors had for the planet.