CSR Sustainability Model

Social Performance

Employees / Customers / Suppliers / Communities

  • Philanthropy
  • Own foundations
  • Other support

Environmental performance – being an environment friendly player

  • Comprehensive environmental management
  • Efficiently managing natural resources
  • Energy consumption
  • Biodiversity
  • Pollution and carbon footprint management
  • Waste management
  • Environmental advocacy

Corporate Governance

Governance structure / ethical management / strategic alignment

  • Civil society Serve civil society / establish partnerships with academic, and scientific communities
  • Act ethically and responsibly

Promotion of education of the marginalized society

  • Eradication of poverty through means of education and adoption of select societies for upliftment
  • Women empowerment
  • Employment enhancement vocational skills

Creating Physical Infrastructure

We believe that eagerness to learn must be complemented by a conducive ecosystem. Hence, we identify Adoption Centres, Schools and Organisations that need support in terms of CSR support, buildings/ creating infrastructure to create a conducive atmosphere for the society. KKAgro has taken up the cause of strengthening socio-economic fabric , physical infrastructure, education and medical facilities in the adjoining communities. Some of the few accomplishments that KK Agro has undertaken….

  1. Orphanage child adoption – KK Agro provides education for 6 students & Food & Medical facility for 6 students up to 10th std.
  2. Donated computers to Vagdar Zhilla Parishad School, on 26th January 2016, district pune.
  3. We have 35 no of street light using solar panel in KK Agro Tourism Farm
  4. We have 25KV solar plant in Pune head office.
  5. Water treatment plant – In our premises we have car washing center. We recycle that water and reuse.

Responsibility, Our Way of Life

KK Agro Tourism Founder Mr. Kedaar Kasar founder, introduced a series of social welfare programs. He has centred the CSR programs on the three pillars of health-care, education and ecological sustainability. For this, KK Agro works directly with the local communities or with the support of similar organisations on health / hygiene of inhabitants around our estates or making education accessible or making the ecosystem in which we live a better place. With the framing of a CSR policy, our focus on these activities has sharpened where we undertake programmes within the framework of the policy to meet the objectives of our CSR mandate.

Contributing to Education and Merit

Scholarship programmes in providing education and health-care to the lesser privileged. This is done through supporting kids from local schools, providing vocational training etc which have raised the bar and set new benchmarks in the area of health-care and education in the marginalized society. As part of its CSR initiative to support education, KKAgro funds a part of this scholarship.

  • KK Agro provides education for 6 students & Food & Medical facility for 6 students up to 10th std.
  • Medical Support for Adjoining Communities

Our sustained healthcare programs include medical care and awareness campaigns. Under this, we conduct regular medical camps in our estates for society members for various ailments and also dispense free medicines and medical treatment. Such camps are routinely conducted. Under this program, our medical team arranges to conduct specialised camps (eye camp, ortho camp, spirometry camp, dermatology camp, etc.) regularly for society members. We extend our medical camps and medical awareness programs for the benefit of people in the neighbourhood estates / communities that lack adequate healthcare and medical facilities.

  • 35 Children affected by HIV/AIDS through mother-child transmission all age group –
    • We provide medicines on regular basis.
    • Celebrate all festivals with them.
    • Celebrate their birthdays.
    • We arrange picnic and spend time with them.
    • We also arrange transportation for their other activities.

Championing Cause of the Ecosystem

KKAgro believes in sustainable living. We have reserved hectares of land for conservation and agro based activities. We also strive to participate in the ecological requirements of the region. KKAgro is on a constant endeavour to respond and connect with the ecological needs of the region and society as a whole.

  • Reduced the carbon footprints by planting more than 4000 trees and plants.
  • Water treatment plant – In our premises we have car washing center. We recycle that water and reuse.
  • Growing and Harvesting organic fruits and vegetables.