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About KK Agro Tourism

Agri tourism @ KK Agro Farms reinforce support to local farmers, growers and sources and allow the visitors to experience what it is to be part of the land. KK Agro Farms is an officially recognized Agri-tourism centre that will unveil a rural lifestyle of and various unknown elements to the younger generation. Here you can see various agricultural systems like water irrigation through sprinklers, drip irrigation – open/surface and subsurface methods, farm equipments, vermiculture, fruit vegetable and crop plantations, Dairy Farming etc and all these will certainly be a great learning experience. You can visit a dairy farm to have a first-hand dairy experience of milking a cow.



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CSR@KK Agro Tourism

We believe that eagerness to learn must be complemented by a conducive ecosystem. Hence, we identify Adoption Centres, Schools and Organisations that need support in terms of CSR support, buildings/ creating infrastructure to create a conducive atmosphere for the society. 

Maharashtra State Agri & Rural Tourism

Co-Operative Federation LTD. (MART)

Redg. No. HO / P.N. A. / P.N. /O/22-09 /Date – 9/2/2009